Here we are back with the latest update of Sirf Tum 2. This serial is very famous and popular among people. It is going well with great TRP on the television. This serial is very interesting and entertaining. According to the promo video, this Episode starts with Suhani seeing Ranveer is entering her room. She asks him not to come inside. Ranveer sees Suhani’s Maggalsutra. Suhani says to Ranveer that She is married now and He should not cross his line and he should not come nearby her. Ranveer says He has promised himself that he will not do that, and He will always help her to achieve his dreams and he believes in his love.

SIRF TUM 2 24th March 2022 Full Written UpdateSIRF TUM 2 24th March 2022 Full Written Update

Ranveer says It is true that Suhani marriage is a conspiracy. Then he leaves her room by saying if she needs anything she can call him. Rakesh tells his family, Suhani may be busy with her in-laws during holi so they are not receiving his call. Ansh comes there and says he need to talk with Rakesh about something important. Rakesh and Sudha ask about Suhani. Ansh says he has come here alone to meet them. He misses his balance and Rakesh makes him sit.

Sudha takes lemon water for Ansh. Ansh asks Rakesh that does he know who is Vikrant’s son? Dadi says he drank lots of bhanng so they should him and make him aware. She slaps him and says Suhani is in Ranveer’s house, Hearing that Rakesh gets Shocked. Ranveer meets Mamta and tries to play holi with her. But Mamta says to Ranveer, He should play holi with Asha’s family. Ranveer tries to convince Mamta but she says she will not tolerate Asha and Ansh here.

She will throw them out of the house but Ranveer stops her. Ranveer says it’s not good for Suhani it’s the effect on her. Mamta says Ansh is a Suhani in-law so she has to leaves as well but he cares for Suhani more than his mother. She has never thought that it will happen. Ranveer says Rakesh will also feel bad for her daughter when he will know that Suhani is married to Vikrant’s illicit son. Suhani does know about the truth. Mamta says he cares for all except his mother.

She tells him to leave her room. Suhani enters there to search for Ranveer. She wants to ask Ansh. They should talk to Mamta and Ranveer should not bring them here. Ranveer stops Suhani and takes her to the hall. Asha says Ansh has not come back yet. Ranveer says Ansh will come back. They should not worry. The episode ends here. so don’t forget to watch the full episode of Sirf Tum 2 on Colors Tv on television. Stay tuned for more updates.


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