Here we are talking about Sirf Tum 2 episode, this show is very famous and popular, this show going well with great TRP, it is an entertaining and interesting, this show comes on Colors TV channel on television, the latest episode starts Suhani is telling Ranveer to get down, Suhani says she has got scared, Ranveer can have fallen down then he says he is fine don’t worry, Suhani tells something she can feel his anger and his anger can destroy anything.

sirf tum 2

Suhani says Ranveer, he has forgotten his promise again and create a scene, then he says he will not disappoint her again, he tells Suhani to see the decoration, she says she wants to take vows with him before marriage then Ranveer agrees. Here we have more information about this episode. keep reading

Rakesh told his family that the celebration was good but Ranveer should not create any drama and scene, and now how will Ranveer face Ansh then Kamini says Ranveer can not control his anger, and he can not listen even Suhani, she can not change him and his anger, Rakesh tells Ranveer that he ignored her tears or he has not noticed that, Suhani and Ranveer take rounds and they both promised each other for many things.

He says Suhani that he will never break her trust and he will not do anything wrong which will hurt her, he always respect her family, she will always make her happy and he will not angry, he will live according to her, then Suhani also make a promise she will never hide anything from him and she will always stay with him and she will support him in every situation, he says she will be his love, then he goes close her and she gets emotional.

Suhani’s Mehendi and Sangeet function start, Rakesh say he will apply Mehendi first on Suhani’s hand, then all are starting to give blessing to her, Riya comes and says she will choose the Mehendi design after that Suhani hugs her and she told Riya finally her best friend arrived, then Mita tells Ishan that girls will win the dance performance but Ishani says boys will win because Ranveer is in their team.

Ranveer enters with his friends, Ranveer apologizes to Rakesh for whatever he did yesterday then Rakesh says that he is his special quality and everyone knows that Ranveer always admits his fault and is sorry for that.

Sudha gives a compliment to Ranveer, he looks nice h should put Kala Teeka on his face, Ranveer looks at Suhani romantically, Raghu teases Ranveer and says you will get a time for romance then Ranveer hits him and his family also tease him.


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