Here we are talking about today’s episode of Sirf TUM 2. This episode is very famous among people, it is a romantic and entertaining show, this show is going well with great TRP, this show comes on a COLORS TV channel on television, this show is very popular and integrating.

Sirf Tum 2 21st February 2022 Written Update

Today episode starts with when Vikrant and Mamta are leaving from Ranveer’s they have seen Ansh, then Ansh says he needs to talk with him in alone he came with his plan, so Rakesh will not get agree on Suhani and Ranveer’s wedding after that Vikrant calls Rakesh, Vikrant is inviting him for the 25th anniversary of his company and they all are celebrating that moment.

The next day when they go into the faction, then Vikrant tells Suhani to come on the stage with her father after this some employee starts throwing shoes at him, they say that he does not deserve any respect, Ranveer also tries to stop them then they say that he has done fraud with the company, police arrests Rakesh when they go outside they have seen Ranveer stand near the jeep of police, Ranveer says to Vikrant that he knows that Rakesh is innocent because he did not do not anything wrong then why is he not stop anything.

Later, he announced that he is the only son of Vikrant Oberoi and he is the owner of this company he told that he gives the statement to the police, Rakesh has not done anything fraud his grandfather says that he is a shareholder of his company and he also supports Rakesh, Ranveer ask the workers of the company what is the truth, he apologies to Rakesh and says that he did not do any fraud with the company, then Vikrant gets angry on Ansh and he slaps him, he says that he made a mistake to believe him.

Rakesh takes Ranveer to his home, he took the wedding card which Ranveer gave him and writes the wedding cate on it, he tells him that he won today , he says the way he takes care of her no one can do this. Ranveer hugs him, Vikrant is getting angry and throwing things, he says that how can Ranveer disrespect him in front of everyone.

after sometime Ranveer says he has good news and he wants to tell everyone, he tells them that Rakesh said yes to his marriage with Suhani, his mother and grandfather are very happy for him, Ranveer says that who are not happy with this news should stay away from everything related to it. Ranveer and Suhani have to face many things let’s see what’s going on in Asha and Riya’s minds.


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