Here we are back with the latest episode of Sirf Tum 2, This serial is very famous and popular among people. It is going well with great TRP. This serial is very interesting and entertaining. This show comes on the colors tv channel on television and it is an Indian and Hindi language show.

sirf tum 2

Sirf Tum2 is the most famous television series followed by most people in India, are you excited to know the upcoming twist in Sirf Tum. Here we have more information related to the episode so we will share it with you, keep reading.

According to the promo video, the episode starts with John telling Ranveer to wake up because today is Ranveer’s marriage, John slaps Ranveer to wake up . Rakesh tells Suhani that they both neglected Ranveer’s real nature. He thinks marriage is a joke and he left her until then.

Suhani says Ranveer can not do this he is not like that then Rakesh tells her when will Suhani believe that Ranveer ditched her. Ranveer has made fun of their emotions. Here we have more information related to the episode so we will share it with you, keep reading.

Ranveer wakes up and he imagines Suhani is going very far from him. He goes to the mandap. Rakesh makes Ansh tie to pagdi, Ansh sits with Suhani and the marriage ritual starts. Raghu asks Ranveer how has he come to that place. Ranveer closed him up. Suhani becomes numb and Ansh makes her do the rituals. They both exchange the garlands and the taxi stops halfway because of a technical problem.

Ranveer starts running to reach Suhnai. Sudha ties the wedding knot, then they start taking round. Ansh thinks he will not let Suhani and Ranveer become happy. He wants to use Suhani to destroy Ranveer. Keep reading.

Suhani remembered Ranveer and his promises which they had taken to each other. Ansh thinks he will stay Ranveer’s enemy and he did not care if Suhani’s life gets ruined forever. Ansh puts the vermilion on her forehead and Raveen still running. Sudha gives the mangalsutra to Ansh to ties it around Suhnai’s nack.

Suhani remembers every moment that Suhani and Ranveer spent with each other, then Priest says Suhani and Ansh from today you both are husband and wife. Here we had shared all the details related to the serial which we had so follow us for more information, stay tuned.


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