Here we are sharing a written update of the most prominent show Sirf Tum. This show is running well with the great TRP on television. According to the promo videos show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. We have seen in the previous show, that a college guy told Suhani that he had ordered coffee. Suhani checks and said that he had ordered tea. Another guy says so much happened to her, she loved someone and married someone else. We have seen that a guy started flirting with her. Suhani leaves after asking if they want to order anything else.  Ranveer stays quiet seeing Suhani and sits there on the table till evening. Suhani takes the tray and goes inside the canteen. She closes the canteen and comes from inside.

Sirf Tum 2, 1st April 2022 Written Update

Ranveer follows her with the bike, Shuhani notices her and sees that he is following him and asks why is doing this. Suhani reaches her house and Ranveer also reaches the house then next day Ranveer goes to the Canteen and he found there that Suhani leave the job and he asks Mishra Ji why she left the job, then Ansh comes there and he says that because of him. Ansh asks her now how she will run the expenses of the house.  Ranveer goes from there. Rishi comes to Ansh and says that Ranveer has taken his bike. Ansh found that Ranveer sold his bike, Ranveer says now you will run the expenses of the house with this money and he did the same for Suhani’s studies.

Ansh says now Suhani has to travel with him on the bus, Ranveer says he will drop Suhani off. Suahani tells Ranveer about the new job which is in a travel agency. Ranveer disagrees and says this is not the right job for a girl. But she doesn’t listen to him. Later, she goes to her job and there she has to wear a dress from the company and an employee says to her that she has to open her first button, she denies but the employee doesn’t agree with her and according to the contract she has to do this.

Some men come to Suhani and ask her to book tickets for them. A man holds her hand and asks her name. Ranveer comes there and holds the customer’s hand, asks Suhani to change her dress, and until then he will tell her name, address, and everything. When Suhani comes back she notices that customers have beaten up and fallen down. And the boss holding the board that all girls are his sisters. Ranveer asks her to do a job in Canteen. . Asha says to Suhani that she shall do the job in the canteen and it is safe and tell her to do focus on her study. She appriciate Ranveer. Suhani rests on Asha’s lap. Episode end.


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