We are back with the latest episode of Sirf Tum 2, the only show which is capturing massive attention on the Interner because of its amazing plot. Many viewers are going attract to the serial and want to know the crispy and spicy love story of Ranveer and Suhani.

Sirf Tum 2 18th January 2022 Written Update

Now, the fans are eagerly waiting to watch the next episode of the serial and everyone is excitedly waiting to watch what will be seen in the next episode? In the previous episodes of the serial, we have watched some interesting moments and twists of Ranveer who just want to confess his love for Suhani.

As we know that the makers of the serial release the latest promo video before the latest episode appear on the screen. It will be interesting to watch what is going to appear in the next episode? As every fan is excitedly waiting to watch the next episode and here is a spoiler of the upcoming episode for our readers.

According to the latest episode, everyone in the college gets tense because Ranveer is missing till last night. Suhani also gets tense because he was with her last night. She asks his friend to call at his home.

Her friend says that he called at his home and his mother says that they even don’t know where is he? Everyone gets tense and Suhani thinks that where did he go because there is no more thing important for him. Another group thinks that he just needs attention from others and therefore, he did not come yet. Everyone gets tensed because Ranveer is not available at anywhere.

On the other side, another promo video shows that Ranveer comes with Suhani on the peak of a mountain and Suhani asks him where did he go? Ranveer says that he had some important work and she says that what is more important in his life than that? Suddenly, the lights of the city get off and Suhani sees her name in the lights.

The whole is shinning with the name of Suhani and she gets shocked after seeing this. Maybe, Ranveer is about to reveal her feelings for her and want to tell her how much she is important to her? So, what will be seen in the next episode? Everyone is too excited to know what will be the reaction of Suhani to this? Stay tuned for more updates.


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