Here we will tell you about today’s episode of Sirf Tum2, this episode is very amazing and interesting and this show is going well with great TRP. This episode is an Indian show and Hindi language show this episode is very popular on Colors TV channel and many people like to watch this show on television. Fans of “Sirf Tum2”, always wait for the promo of the latest episode and this show comes on Colors Tv channel. Here we will share with you more information about the episode.

Sirf Tum 2 16th February 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Rakhesh he wants to say something to all, but everyone is thinking about what he wants to say when Rakesh came back from the temple he took a wedding card and he went to Ranveer, he thought that no one can love her more than her father but Ranveer also did show much for her, Rakesh wants to share his whole with her and he cares her and her father, reason of today accident he has changed his mind and Ranveer thinks that no one can love Suhani better than him.

He has won the challenge because now he agreed for the marriage Rakesh mentioned the marriage date on the card, Suhani was very happy and Ranveer thanks to Rakesh. Her father has seen his daughter’s happiness, Dadi says Ranveer is a real hero.

Ranveer insulted Vikrant in front of everyone and all the family members blame him and tell him you are responsible for his insult, not Ranveer, Vikrant asks Dadu why were you taking his side, Ranveer comes into the room and he says Dadu always supports the right side, after that he gives good news to Dadu that Rakesh agreed for his marriage with Suhani, Dadu hugs Ranveer and says him I will attend the wedding and enjoy.

Mamta says that she is very happy for her son, Ranveer was telling all the family members who don’t want to attend his wedding, I have no problem you can avoid the wedding functions, Vikrant leaves in anger, Ranveer has informed his friends that He and Suhani are getting marriage, they should celebrate the moment in college, his friend dance in the college campus with the Band Baaja, he also joins his friends.

Raghu and John tease her but Riya and Ansh feel jealous of them. Mita says they both are made for each other. Ansh is planning to ruin Ranveer’s happiness he was jealous of Ranveer, a now it’s the right time to snatch his rights from Vikrant and Ranveer both.


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