Here we are back with the latest update of Sirf Tum 2. This serial is very famous and popular among people. This serial is gunning well with great TRP on the television. This serial is interesting and entertaining. According to the promo video, this serial starts with Mamta telling Ranveer that commitment is needed in a marriage. She has spent her time in this family and made some special memories. Though Vikrant has done crimes, he is still her husband and she loves him. He gave her a son like Ranveer which she can not forget. Here we have more details related to the episode and we will share them with you in this article.

Sirf Tum 2 13th April 2022 Written Update

Mamta tells Ranveer to speak up the truth to Shunai bout Ansh and Ranveer asks what about her respect. Mamta says she has not at fault so she is not worried. Suhani can not disrespect her but if he tells her the truth then she will start more respecting Ranveer. Ranveer gets convicted and says he will tell Suhani everything today. Vikrant tells Ansh that he is his illegal son and he can’t able to give him rights that belong to Ranveer only. Ansh says then he will have to tell the truth to everyone.

Vikrant says he is not afraid of this but he can not give him his surname. Ansh gets angry and Ranveer comes to him and says he should stop thinking that he is part of the Oberoi family. Because he is not part of this family but he will remain as an illegal son of Vikrant. Ranveer gives the waring to Ansh to not meet again Vikrant. Ansh says Ranveer also doesn’t respect his father then they both should join hands and teach him a lesson.

Ranveer says Ansh will not match him and though he doesn’t like Vikrant he is still Mamta’s husband because of this he will not trouble him. But  Ranveer says Ansh should stay within limits. Ansh says Vikrant loves Ranveer and how he will take advantage of that. He will make a master plan. Ranveer gets happy and thinks he can not wait to meet Suhani. In college, his friends tell him that Suahni did not come to college yet. Ranveer calls her and knows she has gone to meet Sudha. Ranveer says he is waiting for her because he wants to say something important. She should come back soon.

Sudha gives her Paratha to eat and the letter gives her a passport. Sudha says that she doesn’t have a feeling for Ansh and she never accepted him as her husband but suddenly he is planning to go on honeymoon with her. But she does want to go with him. Sudha gives her courage that Ansh can’t force her and Ranveer is there to protect her. The episode ends here, so don’t forget to watch the full episode of Sirf Tum 2 on colors tv on the television. Stay tuned for more updates.


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