We are back with the latest episode of Sirf Tum 2. Watchers are too excited to watch the upcoming episode of the serial and currently, the show has been gaining huge attention all over the states. Most of people love to watch this serial because of its unique and attractive story.

Sirf Tum 2 1st February 2022 Full Written Update

The show has been increasing a good TRP and gaining more viewers every single day. Many fans are eagerly waiting to watch the next episode after the previous one. It will be interesting to watch the latest episode tonight. Viewers are eagerly waiting to watch this interesting episode tonight.

As we know the promo videos of the latest episode come before the official telecast which shows a glimpse of the next episode. The latest promo video shows Suhani is shouting at Ranveer. Her friends, including Riya, are also shouting at him. Suhani tries to follow him but everyone stops her.

Suhani asks why did he go inside? Raghav and John say that they don’t know. Ranveer finds his scuff and finds it on the ground. Suhani sees the fire coming out of the lab. Suhani shouts once again.

Dean asks Suhani why was she going inside. Suhani says that Ranveer went inside and Dean says that he is brainless. Fire Bridge reaches there and Dean asks them to extinguish the fire as soon as possible because a student is still inside.

The team goes inside and everyone is tense because of Ranveer. He comes outside and he and Suhani see to each other. Riya smiles and Suhani remembers that she gave scaff to him.

Suhani comes to her and Ranveer shows her scuff and she remembers that she gave him this as a gift. Ranveer got unconscious and falls down. Everyone shouts and John brings structure for him. Dean asks him to take him to the ICU. Doctor asks them to wait out of the room.

Suhani remembers that it will be an aim and they will remain friends. The doctor gives an injection to Ranveer and Suhani reminds them that he saved her from fire. She goes temple to pray for him. She prays and says that nothing wrong will do with Ranveer.

Riya comes to the home and tells everything to Mamta. Mamta asks her to take her there. They go from there and Suhani asks about the health of Ranveer and the doctor says that treatment is done but he will remain unconscious for a time. The Episode Ends.


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