The latest episode of Sirf Tum 2 begins with Suhani who says to Ranbir that he can’t hurt anyone and ask him to leave Ansh as he threw Ansh in the water. Ranbir asks Suhani to give divorce to him. Suhani asks him to leave him and he leaves her. She says that this is not a matter of paper and she blames him. Suhani says to him that this is a relation between his and her family. She asks him to leave her on her way and let them go from here. She tears the papers in front of his eyes and leaves the place.

sirf tum 2

Suhani holds Ansh’s hand and takes him from there. Ranbir doesn’t say anything to them. Later, Suhani and Ansh sit in the cafe and he says that he will not leave him. Suddenly, Ranbir comes there and says that who is alive, they can only complain. He can’t take the life of any innocent but if someone comes between us, he can kill him. Ansh starts running from there and Ranbir follows him to the campus. They reach the building and later, come to the top of the building where they both start fighting with each other.

Ranbir beats Ansh and throws him from the top. Suddenly, Rakesh wakes up and he sees this bad dream. He thinks that Ranbir will kill him. His mother says that he saw a bad dream and there is too much difference between reality and dream. Suhani’s mother says that nothing wrong will happen to them. Rakesh calls Ansh and picks up the call. Rakesh asks where is Suhani and is she with him?

Rakesh warns them to stay away from Ranbir. He did not come to the mandap but he can take revenge on them. He asks them to take care of them. Ansh says that don’t worry about her as she is not only his daughter but she is also her husband. Ansh asks Suhani to attend the class and she doesn’t need to meet Ranbir.

In the class, everyone asks questions to Suhani that she was about to get married to Ranbir and how she chose Ansh. Suhani takes class and Ansh comes into the class as a teacher. He says that there is a party for all the students. Suhani says that she has to go, professor. Suhani meets Ranbir in her way and he says that let him check the project.

Suhani gives an assignment to the professor but her professor asks her that she knows the project but maybe, she didn’t have much time to do this because this assignment was not made properly. Professor asks her to complete this project by 5 PM otherwise, he will not accept this project. Ranbir asks her that he will help her and can complete this in the library. The Episode Ends.


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