We are back with the latest episode of Sirf Tum 2. The serial has already gained huge hype among the fans and once again, it is capturing big attention of the viewers around the nation. The different story of the serial is gaining a huge TRP of the fans. Lots of watchers are there to watch this amazing serial and now, the upcoming episode is all set to entertain its watchers.

sirf tum 2

As we have seen that Ranbir and Suhani are about to get married and their love story will begin with a new story. Along with this, some new twists will take place in the serial.

As per the latest promo of the serial, Suhani’s mother comes to the Ranbir house for marriage rituals. On the other side, Ranbir is getting ready for the functions, and another side, Suhani is also getting ready in her room. Ranbir sees to the watch and sees that today, the clock is moving slow and he doesn’t know when the 5 PM will take place.

He also thinks that he doesn’t know what was Suhani doing in her home. He is too excited for the rituals and other side, Suhani couldn’t control herself to become a part of Ranbir’s life.

Later, Ranbir and his family reach to Suhani’s house and her family welcomes them. Ranbir touches Rakesh and his wife’s feet and they bless him.

They come in the house for further rituals and the Rakesh’s mother says that the good time is about to finish and they will have to start the function as soon as possible. Rakesh says yes. Ranbir’s uncle says that now, he couldn’t control himself to see Suhani.

The functions is taking place and every single person of the house aspect Vikrant is not in the function because of his anger. Someone says that don’t take any tension because soon, he will also get agree over this and accept them as their family.

The family asks for the plate of Puja and it comes in front of them. Suddenly, Vikrant comes in front of them and he congratulates him by saying “Congratulations Ranbir”. Everyone gets shocked after seeing him at the function.

Ranbir stands from his seat and sees him in anger but his brother doesn’t change his mood and tries to show that he is ready for this. But no one knows the attention behind his dirty mind. So, let’s wait for the upcoming episode of the serial, and what will be the next plan of Vikrant? tell us in the comment section.


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