Sirf Tum 2, 3rd February 2022: Written Lastest Episode Update: Rakesh catches Suhani romancing with Ranveer Today, we are talking about one of the most prominent daily soups, Sirf Tum 2 which is going on very well. So, the name is perfect to make everyone very curious to know more information related to the upcoming episode of the show. The daily soup never makes anyone bore while watching this amazing daily soup. If you want to know more information related to the upcoming episode then you landed on the very right page. We are providing every detail of the episode that will be going to air tonight on television. You just need to stay on the same page.

Sirf Tum 2, 3rd February 2022

Sirf Tum 2, 3rd February 2022

The upcoming episode of Sirf Tum 2 will begin with Suhani seeing the Valentine’s Day celebration is going on in the college. Ranveer calls her and they walk towards each other. Ranveer offers a box to Suhani and says it is her surprise. Suhani says it is not required as she is not well. He asks her to open the box and she sees the notes designed by Ranveer for the second semester. She thanks him and recognizes Rakesh’s words about Rhea’s act. Ranveer asks her what she is considering but Suhani walks away. After that, Ranveer yells at John and Raghu because they both hear personal talk of his and Suhani.

Rakesh catches Suhani romancing with Ranveer

John tells how Ranveer can give notes to Suhani on Valentine’s Day. He should plan a surprise for her. Ranveer says he doesn’t require any special day to honor love. It is a daily responsibility. John says that he can make Suhani feel superior with his romantic gesture to express his love on this day. Later, Ranveer agrees. Rhea stands with a bouquet and says that she believed she would congratulate Ranveer on his recovery and wish him a happy Valentine’s Day but it did not occur.

Ansh asks Riya what Rakesh told her. Riya says that because of Ansh she was insulted and now Ranveer will also be angry with her for what she did. Ansh says he should not concerned about this. He calls Rakesh and asks him to reach the college. Now, the upcoming episode of Sirf Tum 2 will be very interesting to watch what will happen next. We are curious to watch the upcoming episode in which some superb stars are playing some pivotal roles to make the intact environment very anticipated for the audience.


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