After the firs season of the popular Colors TV serial, Sirf Tum, the viewers are also going excited after watching the ongoing 2nd season “Sirf Tum 2”. The serial is back with some amazing moments and fans are going excited to watch the upcoming events that have been taking place. Well, the last episode as of December 31, 2021, was amazing where lots of things got to see in the episode and maybe, the fans should also wait to watch another episode tonight. As we have seen in the last episode that Riya met an accident and every one of her houses has been reached to the hospital to see her.

Sirf Tum 2 December 31

Along with this, Ansh was also seen in the hospital room who asked about the health of Riya. Now, the episode is going to take a new turn as everything has been changed in the life of Suhani and Ranveer when Ranveer’s father announced that Rhea Kapoor is going to be a daughter-in-law of the house. Ranveer and Suhani get shocked after seeing this. Later, Ranveer also revealed to his mother that she was in white attire but not the girl. He was about to say the name of Suhani but stops after seeing her as she gets emotional. Suhani ran away from the party and everyone gets shocked.

Now, the upcoming episode shows something interesting where Ranveer sees a man holding Suhani’s hand as she was about to fall down. He runs towards them and suddenly, separates them. He starts to beat him in the middle of the road and everyone sees him including his father and Riya in the event. A man says that what is the relation of Suhani with him? He shouts that Suhani is a life for him and Ranveer’s father and Riya gets shocked as they are present in the event.

He continuously beats him and Suhani gets worried about this. Ranveer’s father sees in and Riya gets emotional. On the other side, the man who was beaten by Ranveer laughs as it was just planned by himself to reveal the reality of Ranveer in front of his father. So, the latest episode will reveal many more things about Ranveer and his love for Suhani. So, what should we expect? Will Riya get her love? Ranveer will marry Suhani or Ranveer’s father will play another plan against Suhani? Many more things will be revealed in the upcoming episode and it will be seen in the latest episode tonight.


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