Here we are sharing with you today update of Sirf Tum2 this show is very popular among people and this show is very amazing and interesting it is going well with great TRP and it is an Indian and Hindi language show, this show is a very romantic and entertaining show, This show comes on Colors TV channel on television, the episode starts with Shuani.

Sirf Tum 2 18th February 2022 Full Written Update

She is getting ready for Ranveer, she was not able to wait to see him, she remembers Riya’s words that she wants to attend her ceremony Suhani decided to inform Ranveer about this then she calls Ranveer, he asks her to meet him, he says to her he always takes the first step to meet her, but this time she should come to meet him. Ranveer wants to see her first before everyone.

She says that is not possible then she agrees to meet him because she wants to tell him something important, then she notices her family is busy in ceremony preparation, then she leaves the house without telling anyone then she sees Rakesh and hides seeing him, Ranveer thought why she did not come yet then she suddenly comes in front of him then he gives compliment to her, that she is looking very amazing and elegant.

Then Ranveer touched her hair and talked to her romantically, he asks her what she wants to tell him then Suhani inform her about Riya, she apologise and she wants to attend their wedding and ceremonies.

Then Ranveer gets angry about why she wants to come to their marriage how can you forget whatever she did with you, Ranveer does not want any kind of problem in his marriage because this is a very special day for us, he was not allowed to come to Riya in their wedding but Suhani makes him understand that Riya is her best friend so she was not able to help it.

Ansh says he is Rakesh’s family friends so he has many responsibilities too, Ranveer says if he has seen something wrong and bad so Ansh has to leave right now, Suhani says to Ranveer cool down people are watching them Ansh tells him to control himself, Ranveer leaves and Ansh tells Suhani he will not create any scene today.

when Suhani comes into the house Sudha asks her where had she gone then Suhani wants to talk to her but Kamini sends her to her room before guests arrive after some time family and guests come into the house everyone is happy to see them, all congratulate Ranveer and Suhani for their engagement.


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