Sirf Tum 2, the latest episode of the serial starts with Suhani who is trying to convince Ranveer. She apologize to her and says that she did not think before doing such a thing. Ranveer ignores her and sits in the canteen. He asks for Coffee and Suhani is keep trying to apologize but in vain. Suhani gives him Gajar Ka Halwa which was made for him. She says that he likes sweet dishes therefore, she made for her. Ranveer gives halwa to John and asks him to eat. Suhani gets upset. He says how much can he eat but people will continue to say bitter things about him. John asks Ranveer to forgive her but he pours a soft drink on his head.

Sirf Tum 2 December 31

Suhani sees this and gets shocked. On the other side, Riya tells Ranveer that Deen is calling them in the cabin. Ansh also comes into the deen’s office and sees Ranveer. He tells that some people have been injured due to land sliding and therefore, he wants to send a medical team there. Deen says that Ranveer will be the team leader and lead the team there. Ansh gets irrirate and he is about to say something but Deen asks him to concentrate on the patience in the hospital. Ansh moves his head.

Sirf Tum 13th January 2022

Suhani comes with Meet. Ansh asks Suhani to come with them because she is a topper and this kind of experience in better for her. Suhani says that she doesn’t know whether Rakesh will give her permission or not. Ranveer hears everything and he asks Deen to convince Rakesh for her. Later, Dean tells him that Suhani can go with them but they will handle the rescue operation safely and its safe for her as they will follow all the safety measures there. Rakesh gets agree over this and Ranveer thanks Dean.

Later, Ranveer starts his bike and Suhani’s dupatta stuck in his bike’s handle. Suhani turns back and he separates it. Suhani tries to sit in the bus but Ansh says that the bus is full so, they will have to sit in the ambulance. Sudha calls Suhani and asks whether she ate something or not. Ansh assures Sudha that they will reach safely there. Sudha says that if Ranveer is with her so, everything will be fine. Suhani cuts the call and Ansh says that he just love himself so, she should not think about him.

Later, Suhani sees Ranveer’s bike passing by the ambulance and Sudha drops the glass mistakenly and thinks that something wrong is about to happen. Rakesh tells her not to worry about this. Suddenly, the ambulance losses it control and all in the ambulance bump into each other including Suhani, Ansh, and Mita. Ranveer sees a stone on the road and gets worried about Suhani. He calls John and asks about Suhani but he says that she is not in the bus and he gets angry.

Another side, Suhani tries to come out of the ambulance and Ranveer asks where is Suhani. Someone says that an ambulance has been stuck there due to a landslide. Ranveer rushes to the location to save her. Ansh opens the door before Suhani and he throws rope at Suhani and Mita to save. The Episode Ends.


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