A sad news has come up that the singer who rules the heart of many has been shot and he is in the hospital. Parmish Verma is the director, Actor and singer of Punjabi movies and albums. He is a well-known star of the industry with huge fan following. He is one of the best. His song ‘Gaal Ni Kadni’ and ‘Aa Le Chak’ made him more popular. So last Friday when he was returning home he got shot and then hospitalized. Parmish Verma, Parmish Verma injured, punjabi singer

Saturday morning news was confirmed and fans were left heart broken. Question arises what happened exactly and who did this terrible deed. As per sources we get to know that Parmish Verma was returning home after completing his concert along with his team and bouncers. His team and bouncers stopped by and Parmish gave them their money, then he and his friend Laddi went to have dinner to JW Marriot. A Hyundai Creta was following their car from the starting and they ignored it. When they were about to enter sector 91, Mohali then that car came closer and started to fire.

They all became scared and increased the speed. They all managed to hide but Parmish’s knee got injured and Laddi also. They called Police and then got help.


Parmish Verma was getting ransom calls from many days but they were not able to handle that because of the busy schedule of the concerts. They talked to police about this and followed what Police asked them to do. Dilpreet Singh Dahan, in a FB post said that he did all this and want to kill Parmish Verma


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