A popular and successful pop singer and songwriter Randy Parton passed away at aged 67. He was suffering from cancer for a long time. There are 12 children including Randy Parton in his family. He was the eighths of the twelve children born on December 15 1953 in Avie Lee Caroline. His sibling Dolly Parton is also a popular singer and he has also worked with his sister’s band. He built his own theater “Randy Parton Theater” in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, USA.Death Reason Bio Wiki Biography & Family

Many times he has performed in his theater and entertained his fans. In 1984 his sister Dolly Parton was working in a film and Rany sang a song for her in Rhinestone soundtrack. On his theater’s name in year 2007 he performed for Carolina Crossroads and shopping complexes, he managed to crack a deal worth over $1.5 million. In 1980, Randy Parton sang on Dolly Parton’s hit song “Old Flames”.

Randy Parton also played his band in this song. They have also worked together in an album on “You are My Christmas” with Randy’s daughter. Heidi Parton. In Dolly Parton’s songs, Randy Parton has played guitar and bass with his band. He has once hosted his own show at the Tennessee theme park. He has released his music also and it was a big his of his music career.

On her brother’s death, Dolly Parton shared this on social media. ” We are a family who has faith in God, we believe that he is safe there and members of the Parton family who have gone before will give him cordial welcome. She added, “he must be at a good place then we are at this time”.Dolly Parton has written on social media that, Randy was a great entertainer, singer, and writer. He sang and played guitar in my band for many years. In 1986, he headed his own show at Dollywood.

He has a lot of chart records but he has made a duet with me on ” Old Flames Can’t Hold A Candle To you” which will always be my career’s highlight. “You Are My Christmas,” our duet on my latest Christmas album, joined with his sister Heidi, will always be my favorite. That was his last recorded album and he nailed it and he’s shinning in heaven. My brother has survived by his wife, his daughter Heidi, son Sabyn, grandson Huston and a Trent. We always love him and he will always be in our hearts


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