Here we are sharing shocking news with you that two lions that tried to escape at Changi airport. It was really horrible for the people. That was a panic moment for people. If we can think the situation was very scary. So what about the people who were there and they have seen everything.

The two lions that tried to escape at changi airport

Passengers and staff at Singapore’s Changi airport were in surprise when two lions were spotted roaming around the building. That was a very scary moment for the passengers. Here we will tell you all the details. which you want. We will try to cover everything in this article.

The Two Lions That Tried to Escape at Changi Airport

The incident happened on Sunday 12 December as the lions tried to break free from their container. A lion was seen lying in its cage as well. After the big cats tried to escape, Singapore Airlines, which was handling the shipment, that is the Mandai Wildlife group for help, Which provides carnivore care and veterinary,  reached shortly and immediately tranquilized both the animals. The wildlife group is now helping the two cats to recover from sedation and is leaving no stone unturned to look after them.

As per report Singapore Airlines stated that the carnivores were wuthin. For the entire duration of their journey, the saftey assembly which was installed around their container. The airline also mantion that its opretion were not  disorgnaized due to the incident. The investigation has been continued regarding the entire incident.

Both teams, Singapore airlines and Mandai Wildlife Group are working on the this incident  and they try to findout the reason and they are working in tandem to take care of bg cats. The two lions will ne in underobservation and they will moniterd of Mandali Wildlife Group until they recover properly. As we told you Lions are majestic beasts.

The incident triggegerd a mild scare among passengers after the big cats got out from their cage. There are no clear reports about from where it has come to here. and the which country the lions have reached from. whenever it is reported that there were seven lions in the shipment taht was being transported.

There is no clearification about this incident and about the lions which country lions have reached there but the investigation is continued. If any update we get regarding this news, we will tell you first. If you want more updates so connected wit us.


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