Singapore Muay Thai Federation: Athlete Muay Thai Alleges, She Was ‘Kicked and Punched’ By National Coach, Authorities Investigating It is clear as water every sportsman has a separate coach who admires them and teaches them how to survive in every battle as well as how to defeat opponents. There are many coaches in the world who take disadvantages of their power. Likewise, news of a coach from Singapore has been on the highlights of the internet today. The student alleged him in the case of misbehaving and she said that the coach punched her and kicked her.

Singapore Athlete Muay Thai Alleges, She Was 'Kicked and Punched' By National Coach, Authorities Investigating

Singapore Athlete Muay Thai Alleges

The national coach of muay Thai in Singapore Robert Yap is under the case where he alleged to kick and punch one of his students. The steps which have been taken by the coach that is considered against apparent goodness and she has already complained to the local police station and concerned authorities are also investigating this case.

Lena Tan and Bryan Tee are the athletes who have faced the vulgar face of the coach. In recent days Lena Tan who is 35 years old alleged to her coach Robert Yap that he has dropped her unfairly from the national team of Singapore. She also has a complaint to the concerned authorities, and Singapore Muay Thai Federation (SMF) is investigating this case and checking was an unfair decision.

Singapore Athlete Muay Thai Alleges, She Was 'Kicked and Punched' By National Coach, Authorities Investigating

She Was ‘Kicked and Punched’ By National Coach

The case has become a hot potato when the Singapore Police confirmed the complaint against the coach. The controversy did not stop here, The statement of the former athlete added fuel to the fire. Bryan Tee is considered 25 years old, she also alleged to the coach that between 2014 to 2017 she was abused by the coach in an improper manner. She wanted to raise the complaint but due to lack of confidence, she did not file it.

The concerned authorities said that complaint has been received and this is filed by Tan in March 2022, after investigating this case the conclusion of this case, in November 2021 she have suffered from Covid-19 after that this controversy took place on the internet.

Apart from the also informed that she won a bronze medal in 2019 at the SEA Games and after her performance of Tan, her name was sent to the Hanoi Games but for that, she had to fulfill at least 80 percent attendance for training. After the investigation, her appeal has been rejected by the concerned authorities. It would be very difficult for her and now her image on social media platforms has become bad and people consider her a gold digger.


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