WATCH: Simplisafe Fireworks Video Goes Viral On Twitter and Instagram: A shocking video is creating a buzz on Twitter where it has been watched by millions of people. According to the source, the video is all about an incident that happened when Americans gathered to celebrate the 4th of July outside a garden. But suddenly something went wrong and all the people there started running randomly in all directions. After watching the video we found that a family gathered outside a garden on July 4th to commemorate but fireworks suddenly started exploring and making them run away where they can. And this matter has been filmed by a front gate kit of a house. Now it is circling on Twitter where it has been watched by millions of people as of now and still views are counting. Kindly drag down the page for more details and information about this news. Follow More Updates On

Simplisafe Fireworks Video

Simplisafe Fireworks Video

After the viral July 4th celebration video, SimpliSafe came up and addressed the matter and claimed that the incident was filmed on one of their surveillance cameras. It is certain that everyone loves to burn fireworks on any occasion and the same was happening on the 4th of July. In the video, the member of a family is gathering to commemorate the celebration by burning fireworks. In addition, one of the family members cracked a sarcastic joke and ask them to run before burning the fireworks.

But suddenly the fireworks got burnt and started exploring outside the garden and made them run away from there without thinking for a second. However, this scene was filmed by a camera and now SimpliSafe has claimed that camera was one of its cameras. SimpliSafe stated, “we have received many comments and queries regarding the ongoing viral fireworks video” as netizens are eager to learn if this was a pre-planned video or if it happened accidentally.

SimpliSafe further added, “we always exist to guard our customers and do not make light of events that put their lives at threat, if you know someone in this clip then please contact us and let us know if everyone involved in the matter is safe or not. However, this video was not shared by SimpliSafe on Twitter, it was posted by an unknown Twitter user with the username @new_orleansjazz. We are unable to find the real identity of this unverified account. Stay tuned to this page for more such exclusive updates and reports.


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