Simba La Rue Arrested: Why was Simba La Rue Arrested? Charges Explained: A shocking development made by the carabinieri of the provincial command of Milan that is the rapper Simba La Rue has been arrested for being accused of kidnapping his colleague rapper Baby Touche. Yes, prolific rapper, Simba La Rue has been taken into custody for allegedly abducting and attacking rapper Baby Touche. This news surfaced on the internet recently. Since this news broke out on the internet it is making headlines on news channels. If you are also keen to explore this story then read down the further given particulars of this piece. Reportedly, rapper Simba La Rue is the not only one who is accused of kidnapping rapper Baby Touche, there are eight other people who are accused of the same. Scroll down the page. Follow More Updates On

Simba La Rue Arrested

Simba La Rue Arrested

Simba La Rue’s real name is Mohamed Lamine Saida but he is best known by his stage name. Currently, rapper Simba La Rue is 20 years old and he is accused of attacking and kidnapping rapper Baby Touche whose real name is Mohamed Amine Amagour. As per the source, the other eight arrested people would be the members of Simba La Rue’s gang and of his rival. Scroll down the page to learn more.

Why was Simba La Rue Arrested?

Reportedly, there is a feud between two rappers that dates back to February month. As far as we know the feud between two rappers Baby Touche and Simba La Rue occurred last February. Initially, the feud was only verbal and they were attacking each other only verbally but it seems that the feud has turned physical and violent. Now rapper Simba La Rue has been accused of assaulting and retaliating against rapper Touche physically. Read more about this news in the next section.

Who Is Simba La Rue?

According to the gathered information, a friend of rapper Simba La Rue was stabbed by rivals at the Padua station. The recent incident also include a robbery that happened with two young people of the rival group. Reportedly, six members of the Simba La Rue gang beat up the rival gang in Porta Venezia and took away their wallets and phones. As per the source, rapper Simba La Rue kidnapped and assaulted rapper baby Touche last month in the night between 8 June and 9 June. And later rapper Baby Touche was released in the region of Lecco. Following the kidnap of Baby Touche, the rival rapper Simba La Rue was stabbed in Bergamo.


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