Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka is the serial which is the most favorite of the people in India. The TV Show airs on Colors and everyone waits for it to come. Fans never want to miss any of the updates of the serial. We want to keep you updated with the latest spoilers and each and every recent happening in the show. The first season was all about the broken relationship between Kunal and Mauli. Their children were also suffering from emotional traumas.

In Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka Season 2 14th May 2019 latest episode we see that Pari talks to somebody and then Ruhaan was sad. Pari asks the lady to come inside and Mishti sees her. Veer’s mother comes to the home of Mishti and starts accusing her. She says she never loved her and that’s why she never wanted her to become her daughter-in-law. Mishti says please let her explain. Veer’s mother yells at her and tells her son loved her so much but she did not respect his feelings. Mishti says I never wanted to hurt Veer.

Mishti said please listen to her. Veer’s mother was not ready to listen to anything and she also talks about her mother as she was not brought up from the correct hands. Ruhaan comes there and says that when Veer and Mishti were together then you always admired her but now when Mishti has taken a decision for herself then you are blaming her and this is not right at all. Ruhaan asks her not to say anything as this thing is not right. Veer’s mother also starts shouting on him as Veer always considered him as the brother and Ruhaan is taking Mishti’s side. Veer’s mother says such words that her dad left her mother because she was not able to handle the family. For more updates of Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka Season 2 Written Episode, stay tuned with us.


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