The latest episode of Colors TV Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka begins with Mishti returning home while looking for Pari. Mishti asks Radhika about Pari; she tells her that Pari went out to meet Arnav and that she seemed disturbed. Radhika says she’s thinking of meeting the priest tomorrow to get a date for Pari and Ruhaan’s engagement. She says Ruhaan has no family and that they have to do everything by their own. She goes on to say that she’ll talk to Ruhaan once he is back from Nasik about his and Pari’s engagement. Mishti gets surprised and tells Radhika that they should give some more time to Pari and Ruhaan as the two haven’t talked about their relationship openly yet.

In Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 25th June 2019 episode, Mishti thinks in her head that if Radhika talks to him, he will definitely refuse to marry Pari and he will also tell grandmother about his and Mishti’s affair. She says to Radhika that Ruhaan is a paying guest in their home and they must give him some time to settle down by buying his own house. Radhika asks Mishti to talk to Pari and Ruhaan about getting married once the two tell her about their relationship. Veer’s father receives a call from an unknown number and gets tensed. He says on the phone that he will return the money and asks the other person where he has to come to give the money. Veer overhears his father and asks him about the phone call. His father manages to avoid his questions and leaves from there. Veer thinks why was his dad so nervous if he was talking to his uncle? He thinks that his dad is hiding something from him.

Mishti goes into Ruhaan’s room and hugs his belonging while missing him. Arnav tries to calm down Pari. He tells Pari that she shouldn’t ask Mishti about whatever Veer told her. Pari says that she cannot snatch Mishti’s love. She says that she has to talk to Mishti so that the situation doesn’t worsen in the future. Mishti receives a call from Veer; he tells her that he has told Pari about her and Ruhaan’s relationship. She gets shocked to know that he has told everything about her and Ruhaan to Pari. Veer says to Mishti that Pari also must have felt betrayed by her own sister, you! Mishti comes to Arnav’s home, where she meets Pari in Arnav’s room. She sees Pari sitting alone and crying.

Pari hugs Mishti and starts crying like a baby. Mishti asks her why she’s crying. Mishti pretends like she doesn’t love Ruhaan. Pari tells Mishti not to pretend to be happy in front of her. Pari says if she knew that Mishti and Ruhaan love each so she would have never fallen in love with him as nothing is more important than her sister. But Mishti vehemently denies that her and Ruhaan’s affair. What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favorite Colors TV show Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 2 and written episodes.


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