In the previous episode of Colors TV show Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka, we have seen that Radhika got emotional thinking Mishti and Ruhaan are shifting to their new flat. She prepared to bid the newlywed couple Mishti and Ruhaan farewell. Ruhaan searched for his shoes then Radhika told him that his shoes had been stolen. Ruhaan got it and said that he’s leaving without shoes. Pari demanded money for his shoes. Pari and her gang demanded Rs 50,000 to Ruhaan. Arnav said that they gave him Mishti, so Rs 50,000 is barely anything. Ruhaan asked if a cheque can work. Pari said that they would not accept cheque as they wanted cash.

Ruhaan said that he has only Rs 10,000 in cash. Radhika asked Ruhaan where he’s taking to Mishti. Later, Ruhaan surprised everyone revealing that he has purchased a flat in the same building. Radhika hugged Ruhaan and gave her blessing to him. Ruhaan said to Mishti, “Welcome home, Love!” He held his wifey’s hand and entered their new home. Ruhaan and Mishti have started a new chapter of their life as a married couple. Ruhaan gave another surprise to his lady-love; he made their first night memorable with a room decorated with candle lights.

It was a perfect treat for all the Mishthaan fans out there as the episode featured romantic scenes between Mishti and Ruhaan. Next morning, Ruhaan and Mishti get into a silly fight. The two had romance in the kitchen. What a lovely couple Mishthaan is! Radhika came to Mishi and Ruhaan’s home with Kheer. Later, Pari also came to visit them. Arnav too reached there. At night, Mishti’s family and Ruhaan did a beer party. Colors TV show Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka season 2 has finally said goodbye with a happy ending. The star cast of the show has thanked their fans for their love and support throughout their journey by posting a video on social media.


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