In the written episode of Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 21st November 2018, Mauli and Kunal both were meet at Dargah. The Today’s update of Tv serial Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka begins with it was morning. Dida comes out of her room and she calls to Mishti, Radhika and Mauli.

She finds that Mauli is in the balcony and her eyes were fully swelled because of insomnia. Mauli said to Dida that she is soo distressed of Nandini’s death. Dida was also got in sad to listen to this. She said that she cursed to Nandini but she never wished this fate.

Mauli said that Nandini might not get peace until she finds out that they have forgiven her. Dida suggests about arranging a Pooja for the peace of Nandini. Mauli says that there is a Dargah where Nandini often visited, she Is thinking about visiting the temple.

Mauli says that she will call to Ishaan to come along as well. Dida forbids to her as Ishaan is new to the situation, he could not forgive to Kunal and Nandini. There is a lot that Mauli has to do, shopping, clinic and then parlour.

She will make up something to Ishaan. Mamma comes to Kunal’s house. He cheers as he finds that her at the door and she hugs her, then he takes her inside. Mamma apologizes at Kunal as they did not know about anything happened with Nandini.

He taught that he was happy and never realized he was all alone. Kunal said that he had never been alone. Mamma had been with him in his every step of his life. Mamma was very upset that Kunal strived for everything all alone.

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She was very busy there. Kunal said to his mumma that he has done who no one does, she supported to her daughter in law rather than supported her son.

Precap: In the hospital, Pari makes a video call to Mishti. She tolds to Pari that it is her mamma and Popsy’s wedding. Pari asks that if they have to get married yet. Kunal heard this and was suspicious.


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