Silsila Badalte Rishta Ka is one of the most popular and loving shows of Colors. The show is attracting more and more audience due to its engaging story and skilled actors. The TV drama show is running in its second season successfully. In tonight’s episode of the show, Veer sees Mishti and Ruhan together standing outside of a mall. Veer thinks in his head what if Mishti and Ruhan are hiding something from him. Ruhan says to Mishti that it’s getting difficult for him to stay away from her. Ruhan receives a call from Veer, he asks Ruhan where is he? Ruhan tells him that she is in the market for some shopping, he also tells Veer that he also asked Mishti for help in the shopping.

In Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 28th May 2019 episode, Mishti asks Ruhan that why did he tell Veer that she’s with him. He says if he had lied, he would have had to speak more lies to cover this up. Veer leaves from there thinking he shouldn’t doubt on Mishti and Ruhan. Mishti tells Rohan that he was right, they should maintain a gap. Ruhan says that they will dine together and Pari will also be there with them. Mishti says that she will try to make it up for the dinner. She says she might be a little late for the dinner. She then leaves for a meeting. One of Radhika’s friend suggests Ruhan’s name (who lives in a PG of Radhika) to her other friend, who is looking for an eligible match for her daughter.

On the other hand, Veer thinks about Ruhan and Mishti. He thinks how could they two be so comfortable with each other’s company while they don’t even like each other. Veer offers Arnav to have drinks together. Arnav accepts his proposal. Radhika’s friend brings a marriage proposal for Ruhan due to which Radhika gets very happy. Mishti gets ready for dinner. Ruhan gives a compliment to Pari and tells her that he is very happy for her. Pari thanks Ruhan saying all her happiness is owed to him. Pari says that she has been commitment-phobic, but now she’s not scared of making commitments or taking a relationship forward.


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