In India, many festivals are very popular in which Diwali containing its own popularity and reputation. This month, Diwali is very soon and many people are waiting for the auspicious festival. Due to the long lockdown, many people and families are suffering from money issues and want to celebrate Diwali with lots of pop and show. Here, we are coming with a great opportunity for you and you can very easily try your luck this Diwali. We have Sikkim State Dear Diwali Bumper Lottery that gives you very genuine prize gifts if you become top of the results chart. If your luck with you then you can win the massive prize of Rs. 10 crores.


Participants can be from Anywhere in India

The chance which changes the complete lifestyle will never come again and again. The lottery of crore will be coming every year and many people are grabbing the offer by taking one chance on belief in their luck. In the entire city, Sikkim State Dear Diwali Bumper Lottery is very famous and many people are trying their luck by participating in the lottery. The tickets to the Diwali Bumper Lottery this year are limited to 2 lakhs and all the participants get some prize on the basis of their position.

The participants buy more tickets to increase their probability to win the bumper prize and every year the demand for the lottery is increasing. The number of series in this year contest are two and this is the reason the total number of lotteries is 1 lakh in each series. Anyone in India can buy the Sikkim State Bumper Lottery but they will be paying nominal posting charges over the ticket price. The price of one ticket is fixed to Rs. 2000 only. If you want to buy tickets then only contact authorized retailers to prevent fraud.

Change your Lifestyle by Trying your Luck in Lottery

The only method to change the way of life’s going is, trying luck. Many people were already become millionaires by taking chance in the lottery. You just need to buy one ticket and then wait for the result. Sikkim State Lottery is a very famous lottery that comes regularly on the occasion or months. Sikkim state always stands with India’s residence to give them a very genuine prize by giving lottery tickets. The first prize of Rs. 10 crores will be won by the person and the second prize of Rs. 10 Lakh will be won by 10 winners. Many positions are getting lots of prizes as per price distribution.


The result of the lottery has not been released yet but the next result date is confirmed to 3rd November 2020. The best offer to make Diwali more interesting and joyful. If you are also one of them who longs to be reach and full of desires or you want to earn money and complete your dreams then it is about time then you can have a lucky chance to win a huge amount of money through the Bumper Lottery named Sikkim State Dear Diwali Bumper Lottery. It is a limited offer, so be a participant in the lottery as soon as possible.

Sikkim State Bumper Lottery can change your Way of Living

it does not matter from which state are you. You are always eligible to buy the lottery and grab the chance to be a millionaire. You can make your dreams true and perform the responsibilities. You can be one of the luckiest people if you win the first prize which is Rs. 10 crores. If you become a second position container then you will get a decent amount of Rs. 10 lakhs. Sikkim State Bumper Lottery always gives you a very genuine prize as per your position on the resulting chart. Don’t miss the chance to grab the golden opportunity of becoming a millionaire.

The lottery is a game to check your luck and you can be the luckiest person who will be the first rank holder in the contest. We are regularly updating all the details coming about the lottery and you can also get all the details about the lottery on our page. Sikkim State Dear Diwali Bumper Lottery is a very famous and big lottery that able to change your way of living. If you want to know more updates then do follow the page and keep yourself updated. Don’t miss to watch the result of the lottery and also don’t miss the chance to participate in the lottery.


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