Kulfi Kumar Bajewala episode updates. Lovely asks from Amyra that where is pen drive. Amyra makes up the things and says i lost it. Lovely scolds her and says fine you should rest and not do anything as you do not want to be a superstar. Amyra says i am sorry i want to be a superstar, i will be a superstar.

Lovely says  have a plan, and i have planned speakers in the kitchen, mom you have to play the song when i will ask you. Kulfi panicks as she is locked in the room and she has to leave. She cries and shouts. She cries for help and tries to open the door. She thinks she has to meet mama anyhow. Sikander goes with the family to the movie. He messages his brother that he wants to be with Amyra and Lovely. His brother makes out thing and says you have to go to the recording Sikander. Sikander leaves.

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Lovely dims the light and Her mother plays the song. Roshan kumar becomes amazed to listen the song. He says lovely song it is. Kulfi cries and struggles in the room. She thinks how will i meet my mama now. Amyra continues to sing. Roshan Kumar thinks how she is singing so nicely. Battery of the laptop becomes low and her mother signs the Lovely but Lovely did not see her.

Amyra stops singing. Everbody praises her. Roshan says you are going to rock baby. Amyra becomes very happy. Kulfi thinks about maa. She says i want to go back to village.


  • Sikander comes back to home. He greets them, Sikander gets to know about performance.


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