WATCH: Siegfried And Roy Tiger Attack Actual Video Leaked On Reddit and Twitter: We have received news of a shocking attack by a tiger in a magic show that is run by popular magicians Siegfried & Roy. They are a Germany-based magician group and are known for their entertainment with their white lions & white tigers. The attack was shocking, not just to the audience but to the magicians as it has never happened in a show before. This incident is being in the limelight and there are some criticisms faced by the magicians as well. Let’s have a look at the news and break down what happened and what could have been the reason for it. Follow More Updates On

siegfried and roy tiger attack video

Siegfried And Roy Tiger Attack 

A famous group of magicians from Germany, popularly known as Siegfried and Roy were doing a magic show as they usually do. While the majority of the show went without a cinch there was a part in the magic show that didn’t go how it was supposed to go. People have heard about it but they didn’t know that the show was recorded in a video and was available on the internet.

As the magicians were getting ready for their big performance in front of the big crowd of Mirage City and they had been rehearsing for the show as well. But, everything went haywire almost in a minute when the tiger walked in. Roy had fallen on the floor of the stage and the tiger leaped onto him. The tiger then grabbed his neck and started dragging him and took him off the stage of the show. Tiger was sprayed with the fire extinguisher and the show was canceled immediately. The magician, Roy was bleeding out on the floor and was immediately taken to the emergency room.

Siegfried And Roy Tiger Attack Video

The attack was not fatal enough but it did get him impaired motor and speech skills. At the time, the public was not aware of it but the Phantom had been recording the entire attack. Although the fear of hyping the incident by the news and also respecting the private life of the magician he denied sharing the video with the public.

Later, in 2019, there was a documentary released that was Siegfried and Roy: Behind the magic. That was supposed to be the first episode of season 42 that had the theme of the tiger attack during Siegfried and Roy’s magic show in 2003. There was the feature of Siegfried Fischbach and Roy Horn that rose to fame with their entertainment with magic. Which was ruined later on by the tiger attack and it also changed the entire entertainment industry of Las Vegas.

The documentary is available online on Youtube. But, the real footage still remains to be seen.


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