The Chinese Super League is all set to introduce one more match for the fans today as the league is coming back with one more amazing match like all days. The enthusiasm match will be held between two fantastic teams of the league and many fans are going excited to know the match as well so, let’s find out the proper information here. Today, team Shenzhen FC (SHZ) will face off team Guangzhou (GHF) on the football ground. Along with this, many fans are waiting to watch this match on the football ground because they can’t visit the ground due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

SHZ vs GHF Live Score

SHZ vs GHF Live Score

On this page, you will get to know more about the match including league, venue, date, time, squad, lineups, and many more things about the match. We have already seen these teams on the ground as their gameplay was awesome. The match will be held under the Chinese Super League and will be played at Huadu Stadium, Guangzhou.

So, what are you waiting for, the match will be started in just a few hours and many fans across the world are excited to know the match prediction and many more things. Well, you don’t need to take stress because we have already shared many details of the match and it is important to share with you.

SHZ vs GHF: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Shenzhen FC (SHZ) vs Guangzhou (GHF)
  • League:- Chinese Super League 2021
  • Venue:- Huadu Stadium, Guangzhou
  • Date:- Friday, July 30th, 2021
  • Time:- 05:30 PM IST

SHZ vs GHF: Team Squad

Shenzhen FC (SHZ):- Shinar Yeljan, Sun Ke, Guo Wei, Jiang Zhipeng, Alan Kardec, Wang Zixiang, Yuan Mincheng, Wei Minzhe, Huang Ruifeng, Chen Guoliang, Pei Shuai, Gao Lin, Haolun Mi, Li Yuanyi, Zhang Lu, Chen Xiangyu, Juan Quintero, Mubarak Wakaso, Tsun Dai, Xu Haofeng, Zheng Dalun, Frank Acheampong, Yuan Zhang, Morteza Pouraliganji, Yongpo Wang, Zhang Yuan, and Xin Zhou.

Guangzhou (GHF):- Linpeng Zhang, Lisheng Liao, Liyu Yang,  Elkeson, Yihao Zhong, Ricardo Goulart, Yang Dejiang, Fernandinho, Tyias Browning, Bowen Huang, Aloisio, Zhunyi Gao, Fang Mei, Shilong Wang, Shaocong Wu, Zhi Zheng, Chao He, Kaiyuan Tan, Weiguo Liu, Wenzhao Zhang, Shibo Liu, Shihao Wei, Dianzuo Liu, Alan, Hanwen Deng, Xuepeng Li, Xiuwei Zhang, Dinghao Yan, Ling Jie, and Yu Hou.

SHZ vs GHF: Probable Lineups Players

Shenzhen FC (SHZ):- Jiang Zhipeng, Zhang Lu, xYuan Zhang, Yuan Mincheng, Mubarak Wakaso, Xu Haofeng, Frank Acheampong, Morteza Pouraliganji, Gao Lin, Morteza Pouraliganji, and Gao Lin.

Guangzhou (GHF):- Zhang Linpeng, Hanwen Deng, Elkeson, Liao Lisheng, Yang Liyu, Liu Dianzuo, Dinghao Yan, Tyias Browning, Alan, Gao Zhunyi, and Wei Shihao.

SHZ vs GHF: Match Prediction

The match will be too exciting for all because the fans are waiting for this match for a very long time and also, want to know the match prediction as well, Team Guangzhou is standing in 1st position with a total of 5 victories, 3 draws and one loss out of 9 total matches.

On the other side, team Shenzhen FC is standing on the 2nd position with 18 points. They have played a total of 9 matches where they won 5 matches and lost a single match. Their last performance was also good and they are even equal to the rival team but team SHZ has more chances to win this match.


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