WATCH: Shugatiti Birthday Video Goes Viral On Social Media: A bizarre incident has been reported recently as the popular socialite from Ghana revealed her underparts at her birthday party. The socialite known as Shugatiti was hosting her 21st birthday party, where she left an impression on everyone that no one will be able to forget for quite a while. Shugatiti was holding a dinner at her birthday party at a place called Kempinski. There were celebrities who were attending the party as well. This was a private dinner where she was seen to be with the likes of Tracey Boakye, Gambo, and some others. Follow For More Updates

shugatiti birthday video

Shugatiti Birthday Video

She was walking in a grand way and made her entrance into the restaurant area. She was seemingly wearing a silver-colored shimmer dress that had a slit all the way up to the waist area. There was no underwear beneath the dress which seemingly exposed many parts of her body such as her thighs, waist, butt, and some others. It looked as if she was doing all this intentionally. Why else would anyone be wearing a revealing dress with no underwear?

One more thing she did that shocked everyone was when she flipped a portion of her dress which revealed her intimate parts of the body and were seen by anyone who was there, as it was clearly visible. A popular blogger, Nkonkonsa captured the video of her exposed private parts that had pubic hair in them, using the high-definition camera he had with him. He also shared the video on his page. The video has received more than 76k views and over 300 comments where people can be seen criticizing her for her vulgar actions. There was a lot of backlash from everyone who got to see the video.

Who is Shugatiti?

Shugatiti is an actress, model, and content creator on social media. She has a lot of followers on her Twitter and her Instagram. She belongs to an African country in the west, Ghana. She has more than 700k followers on Instagram. She has turned 21 as it was her 21st birthday that left her fan in shock. This tells us that she was no small fry and was known in the community.

A lot of people have been following her and are her fans. But, the recent has left even her fans embarrassed as they could not believe that she would do something like this. It was really disappointing to see her do such vulgar things at a party that was her own birthday party.


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