Who Is Shug_boo On TikTok? Shugah Boogah Age and Real Name: A TikTok star Shugah Boogah has become of the most influential social media personalities who are being searched on the internet all around the world extensively. Shugah Boogah is famously known for her content video creation throughout social media. She is a very popular TikTok star. Shugah Boogah creates her video content that is based on the current trend, dancing, or she replies to her followers or well-wishes through the video. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Shugah Boogah

Who Is Shug_boo On TikTok?

It did not take a long period of time for her to earn thousands of followers through the way has been attracting netizens with her talent. Her fans are always excited to see her new content and stories, which has made her keep on creating content for her social media. But do you know who she is and what does she do? It is obvious that you would know very less about the social media personality, so now let us take you on a tour of her life.



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Shugah Boogah is a blooming flower in the pond of social media. She makes reactive videos of songs, follows the trend, and dances to the songs which she is suggested or the song she likes. Shugah Boogah has more than 289k followers with more than three million likes on her Social media account. Shugah Boogah started to post her short clips in the month of May 2020.

Shugah Boogah Age and Real Name

The first content on her TikTok account has over eight thousand views, and her next content has over 20 thousand views. Shugah Boogah’s user name is @shugah_boogah_, but it is not verified even after having thousands of followers and millions of likes. There are around nine hundred videos posted on her TikTok account.

Shugah Boogah Instagram

Her fans and admirers may also be shocked to know, but it is true that she is a mother of a son. The social media influencer has not revealed much about her personal life, but after watching some of her videos, it is possible that she loves animals so much. Shugah Boogah has kept dogs and cats at her home. As it is seen from her social media account, she lives with her son and her pet animals. She has never revealed her age as well, but she seems to be in her 30s. We hope in the forthcoming days she comes up with some more information about her personal life so that it would be easier for us to update you more with her information.


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