A video is getting viral on the internet of a friend who took his dead friend to the last motorbike ride. The video went viral over the internet and we want to explore all the information here. In that video, you can see a friend taking his friend’s dead body to the one last ride after the consent of his parents. The boy who died was 21 years old. The incident happened before the funeral of the dead body started.

viral video

It is seriously shocking as well as surprising to see seven men encircle and try to place the dead body on the motorcycle’s passenger’s seat. The efforts to place the lifeless body are clearly seen in the video. When people watched the video it has been shared on millions of social media accounts.

Viral Video Shows Friends Taking DEAD

The available sources said that the video has been shared by the Dailymail that revealed the whole incident. His friends can be heard applauding and swinging their arms in joy.

After watching the video we have seen that a man gripping the corpse very tight before the motorbike rode off. The person who did this whole incident said in a statement that he was just trying to give last honor to his lovely friend and say a final goodbye. After the small ride, the funeral took place.

They sprayed the alcoholic beverages over the coffin. The body was hanging and his body parts like hands and legs were unrestrained. The crowd cheered. One of his friends or family members set with him inside his coffin, grieving his passing.

Now coming to the dead cause and how the boy died. So as per the details, the 21 years old had been shot and killed while on his way to a loved one’s funeral. In this matter, police said “This is the first time this has happened in the city,” police said, adding that the activity was “strange and harmful.”

The family of the deceased person was so much mourning and suffering at this difficult moment. There are many people who shared condolence with the family of the deceased. If you want to know many more details then you should bookmark the website in your browser. We will add much more information soon on this website.


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