Recently, Smith County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Katelynn Schengeli and charged her with four counts of child endangerment. Let us tell you that Katelynn and her partner Cory Evan were also charged a previous day when the police made a shocking discovery at their home. So far, the officials have already arrested her for the crimes that she did.

Texas Parents Arrested After Children Found Covered in Feces

After the eldest child called 911, police found four children, including an infant covered with feces, inside an “extremely dirty” dwelling. There are lots of cases appearing on the internet in which some people cross their limits and attempt some big crimes.

Texas Parents Arrested After Children Found Covered in Feces

Talking about the ongoing case, Schengeli and Williams seem to have a lot in typical, with both mothers obviously ignoring their children in the rage of other ventures. The Sheriff’s Office verified that Schengeli’s four children are now held “in a safe environment” while she and Evans are presently in jail.

There are very few details available about the two parents in which they have been charged. Evans is supposed to be Schengeli’s boyfriend and father of the infant and four-year-old twin girls. The father of the eight-year-old, who called 911, is yet to be traced.

We couldn’t find any social media profiles for Schengeli or Evans, so it’s imprecise where they worked or what they did for a living. On December 22, the elder child dialed 911 after Schengeli got unconscious of drinking alcohol in more quantity. This led to EMS reaching the home, where they discovered a baby in a crib next to her bed.

The child was reportedly wrapped in feces coming out of her diaper and was yelling. First responders found the twins locked in a room, with one resting on the floor without clothes. Talking about the second child, she was “shouting for water”.

After delivering primary child care, Child Protective Services were called while Schengeli was taken into custody. A spokesman for the sheriff’s office said, “The residence was extremely dirty and there was a very strong smell of feces emanating from each room.”

The twin and baby were considered malnourished and were taken to a local hospital for evaluation. So far, Katelynn Schengeli has been charged with four charges of child endangerment and it is unclear what Schengeli’s bond has been set at. There is not much information available related to this case but we will update all the information when we get any.


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