A shameful activity is creating a buzz on the web, that a teacher who reportedly molested a teenage girl has been banned from the profession for life. This news has put all in the shock, that a teacher has done this shameful act, which is very disgusting. Andrew Oldfield, of Rochdale, was convicted of four counts of sexual activity with a kid in 2020 and is serving a four-year jail sentence. This act is very bad for the community. People are searching for the news, and they want to know all the details in this article. Here are several things to tell you about the news. We will try to cover all the important points in this article. Let’s figure out the entire matter.

Primary School Teacher Banned

According to the report, the incident happened in 2018 while Oldfield, a teacher who is 35 years old, at Horn’s Mill Primary School in Helsby, Cheshire. As per the report, he did sexual intercourse with his victim who wasn’t and she was not a student at the school. He was apprehended after his victim’s mother discovered messages from Oldfield on the lock screen of her daughter’s phone, and he was forcing the to girl for deleting her messages. Scroll down the page to know more about the news.

Primary School Teacher Banned For Life After Girl’s Mum

The proceeding of the case has been done by David Watson at Liverpool Crown Court on 23 October 2020, said the lady had confronted Oldfield, who at first told a complicated lie in an attempt to fool her, told to Liverpool ECHO. Mr. David told the mother was not pleased and managed to enter her daughter’s phone by just guessing the pin or password. He explained she was worried about the “intimate” messages she read and she woke up her daughter, who was sleeping at that time, and asked about her.

The girl become disturbed while maintaining that nothing had occurred, and asked her mother to promise as a request that she will not call the police. Nevertheless, after that, the lady challenged Oldfield, who told at first his nature may have gone “over the line” but refused any sexual activity.

He came to Widnes police station that day when he accepted that he had been kissing, touching, and cuddling the child, but he refused to have sexual intercourse with the girl. After that, Oldfield accepted to have sexual intercourse with the child. This was the information, which we have told you about the news. stay tuned for more updates.


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