Recently, Jammy Kashmir Police intercepted the plan of a major terror attack on Wednesday. The police also arrested a person who trying to putting a car bomb and he was about to make the final step to the terror attack. Let us tell that the Awantipora Police was working on a module and also the Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) was carried by the police. Now, the police trying to investigate the entire matter and want to know the key feature of the incident. Many people who living at the local place are afraid after hearing about the attack and want to know more details related to the incident.

major terror attack in Kashmir

The police also asking many questions from the person who was arrested while preparing for a car bomb attack. Sahil Nazir is a student who is motivated through the Telegram app which mainly comes into existence for messaging said to the police. The official statement of the Police said that “He was asked to arrange a car and money was also given to him. He was asked to carry out a VBIED. Then we arrested two more and recovered the Maruti car”.

If the incident that was going to happen in Jammu and Kashmir, would have actually taken place, it would have been a very big and dangerous event. The Jammu and Kashmir Police prevent a major attack by terrorists who were going to give a big blow to the whole of Jammu. Another statement given by the Police is “Sahil has confessed to the offense and we have a video recording of the same. He was also involved in a grenade attack”.

It was a very big success for Jammu and Kashmir because the police prevent a very huge and horrific terror attack. The local residents are also very happy to know that this attack was stopped by the police even before the attack. The statement of IG Kashmir said, “This is a major success and we have prevented a major incident”. Now, detailed information about the incident that happened in Jammu and Kashmir is mentioned here. Otherwise, we will also update all the further details that will be coming in front of everyone. Stay connected with us to get all the details on time.


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