Unfortunately, we have received yet another heartbreaking news of a girl being sexually assaulted. We are very disappointed to say that the cases of cruelty are continuously coming to the fore in India. As everyone knows that the number of rape cases in India is very high and these numbers are increasing continuously.

lucknow woman trashed by landlord

Some poor people have mixed the name of the whole country in the soil, due to which girls in India do not consider themselves safe. This time this crime has happened in Lucknow on this Sunday.

The woman says that her landlord, his wife, daughter, and another tenant have done this cruelty to her. According to reports, the woman was having a fight with her landlord over the electricity bill. The accident happened when the victim was on her way to her home.

Lucknow Woman Thrashed By Landlord

The woman told that when she was going back to her house, Gokaran stopped her by abusing her and pulling the string of her blouse. Not only this but it has also been written in the reports that along with Gokaran, his wife and daughter also abused and beat him.

The police investigated the entire matter and continuously tried to find the actual matter. After seeing the condition of the woman, police officers also get shocked as she is not in a condition to fight with someone for her rights. The woman is living in Lucknow where her landlord, his wife, daughter, and another tenant sexually assaulted and thrashed her.

The main reason behind doing this with the victim is coming in front that the woman has an ongoing dispute with her landlord for electricity bills. The name of her landlord is Gokaran Pal living in Gali number 14 in the same area.

When her landlord and his family sexually assault and thrashed her, her friend Indu called for help and other neighbors come to save her life. ADCP, East, Qasim Abidi is quoted by TOI as saying that, based on the woman’s complaint, a case of sexual harassment, wrongful confinement, voluntarily causing hurt has been registered against the accused.

The investigation is underway and many people continuously searching about the actions taken by the police against the family of Gokaran. Everyone involved in this case deserves the toughest punishment and the police have to take this case seriously.


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