A very heartbreaking and shocking incident coming from Mexico City. On Monday night, a railway overpass collapsed onto a busy road and twenty people were killed in the accident. The accident was actually very horrific because many children also included in the number of people who lost their lives in the accident. In the entire accident, a total of 49 people were hospitalized in which many people are suffering from a critical situation. Many people are afraid after seeing the video clips of the incident because it was actually very terrific.

Mexico Rail Overpass Collapse Tat killed 20

After the rescue team reaches the place to secure more lives who suffering from the accident on the railway. But, the authorities stop the rescue team because it was supposed that more of the metro overpass and train could slam down onto the road. Many people are still not able to come out from the train and they are still surviving the dangerous incident that happened on Monday night. The video caught by CCTV footage went viral on social media and millions of people already watch it. Now, the authorities have reached the place and trying to control the entire situation.

The accident took place in Olivo’s station in the southeast of the city at 10:30 PM local time. The video and images totally stunned all the people who watch it. All the people who are still battling major and critical injuries are admitted to the local hospital. In an image, rescue members appearing and helping the people who stuck on the railway after the accident. Many personnel in the rescue team are regularly trying to save many people who are still stuck in the railway.

After that, Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum confirmed that the rescue had been suspended because the train is very weak and also it was supposed that more parts of the train could be slam down onto the road. Apart from this, the government and rescue team doing many efforts to secure the lives of the people who suffer from the horrific accident. So, stay connected with us to know more updates related to the accident.


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