The morning of Wednesday was not happy for the residence of Strand Road in Kolkata. A fire broke out at a building at the place in the early morning. The official confirmed that eleven fire engineers are on the spot and also they tried to control the fire. The good part of the incident is that nobody was injured in the accident. The building where the fire broke out is a nationalized bank on the fourth floor of a multi-storeyed building. The incident happened around 7:50 AM but immediately, the fire engineers were going to the place and control the entire fire.

kolkata massive fire

The officials said that “The cause of the fire is not known but it could be because of an electrical short circuit. The blaze is under control now. We are conducting the cooling process at the moment”. The good thing about the entire incident is that nobody got injuries in the accident and the police and fire engineers were secure all the residence nearby the spot. The fire came in control and after some time the fire was totally extinguished.

The police investigating the entire incident and also finding the reason behind the fire took place at the place. The main reason behind the incident that highlights the most is the electric short circuit. The blaze is now under control and all the people are want to see the place safe again. The officials said that the fire engineers are currently conducting the cooling process to make the place cool to enter the building.

Let us also tell you that earlier in the month, at least nine people were killed. The incident that happened in the building earlier this month was also a massive fire. Almost nine people were killed in a huge fire blaze. Now, again the fire incident happened in the same place. This time, any people not injured in the accident, and the fire engineers controlled the fire. Now, the official investigating the entire place and want to get the clue and more details related to the incident that happened at the place.


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