Again, COVID-19 cases at a place coming in front with a heavy number of outbreaks. Recently, a total of 44 students tested COVID-19 positive on Thursday, residents of a hostel in the MIDC area near Maharashtra’s Latur city. The official health department said about the incident and announce the biggest news related to one of the most dangerous epidemics. Another incident with the same hostel happened last month that almost 47 other students found infected with COVID-19.

44 Students Test Covid-19 Positive at Hostel in Latur

Let us also tell you that the hostel is located near an English medium school and also it is a little dangerous for the students and the teachers who visit the school daily. The hostel also providing habitation to the students between classes 8 and 10. It is very hazardous for all the students who reside in the hostel. The official said that “After testing positive, these students were moved to a local quarantine centre, where they are being treated”.

Apart from this, almost 146 people tested COVID-19 positive in Latur District during the day which was extremely horrific for the local residents. The officials also said that a total of 91 people are living in the areas located within the Latur Municipal Corporation limits. Let us tell you that 41 patients recovered from the infection but one of them died due to it on Thursday. Almost 715 patients died due to the COVID-19 in the district so far, the officials said.

Due to the rising cases in the Latur District, a night curfew was imposed from 2nd March. The timing of the curfew is set to 11 pm to 5 am in Latur Municipal Corporation. Apart from this, the curfew also imposed in four municipal councils, namely Udgir, Ausa, Nilanga, and Ahmedpur, collector. Although, emergency and important services, freight, and public transport would be released from the curfew. Otherwise, Maharashtra again highlighted in the counting of the most affected states in India from COVID-19.

In the last 24 hours, the state count over 14,000 new infection cases, and daily a very huge amount of COVID-19 cases coming into existence. If we talk about the accurate cases reported in Maharashtra on 11th March 2021 then it is 14,317 new COVID-19 cases. This is recorded as the biggest spike in a single day in Maharashtra. So, it is a very dangerous situation for the entire Maharashtra and the residents of the people have to follow the essential rules and regulations by the government. Also, people have to take all the precautions with proper safety. Stay connected with us to know more information related to the current updates.


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