A man was shot dead in Chandigarh and the news went viral over the internet. According to the reports, A 31 years old man of Mullanpur was allegedly shot dead by his former colleague. The reason behind the case appeared after the research and we going to tell you here that why the man shot dead his colleague. If you want to know the complete information then stay here and get all the updates.

Man Shoots Friend Dead Over Monetary Dispute

On the basis of the official report, the victim was shot dead after three firings in which two bullets were fired on the chest and 1 on the back. The identification of the victim has been done and details saying that his name was Jasprit and he resident of Parol village New Chandigarh.

Man Shoots Friend Dead Over Monetary Dispute

Along with it, we got the info that the accused went to the police station and surrendered. This is the police station in Industrial Area Phase 1. According to the police, he claimed that he fired in self-defense. On the basis of info which is shared by the accused Monty who is the resident of sector 19 in Chandigarh.

On the basis of info, one day Monty called Jasprit and the victim was followed by his friend in a car. When they are talking Monty loses calmness and the fighting happened between them. In a fit of rage, Monty fired on his friend at the Garcha light point near the railway station. Police are verifying Monty’s claims and are also scanning the CCTV footage of the area. Primary investigation reveals that Jasprit was killed due to monetary issues.

Jasprit has given the Rs 10 lakh to Monty for investment and Monty has supposed to return Rs 30 lakhs. The amount was decided to return after calculating the principal amount and profit. Kulwinder claimed that he had all the voice recordings in which Monty had accepted that he owed Jasprit Rs 30 lakhs.

A person told police that Monty and Jasprit were good friends and colleagues also. But because of the monetary issues, their friendship became sour with the time.  The remaining updates about the case will be updated in this article. You will see that there are many things which are available in the upcoming days and a conclusion by the court will also be available here.


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