Famous dancer Shobha Naidu died in the wee hours of Wednesday at a private hospital in Hyderabad. Shobha was a very famous and popular dancer who eminent in Kuchipudi. She was also awarded Padma Shri Award and many fans are shocked after hearing this sad news. She was a legend and lots of people love her too much. She was appreciated by many people and won many trophies for her hard work and passion for dance. The 64-years old legendary dancer Shobha Naida was passed away.

Kuchipudi Dance Exponent Sobha Naidu Passes Away in Hyderabad

The main reason for her death has come forward that she has been undergoing treatment for brain hemorrhage for the last couple of months. The professional doctor was doing her treatment and she regularly takes precautions that the doctor tells her to do. On Tuesday, her condition turned critical that cause today of her sad death. Many fans are shocked and pray for rest in peace for her.

She was born in 1956 at Anakapalli town in Andhra Pradesh. Shobha was a very dedicated girl at the start of her training at Kuchipudi. Her dedication was sho that she was a legend and deserves an award like Padma Shri. She was one of the most disciplined students of dance and her hard work gives her much popularity and she deserves it. She was very famous and gave lots of performances in the country and out of the country.

She has excelled in the famous roles of Satyabhama and Padmavati. She was an excellent solo dancer but she also choreographed over 80 solo numbers and 15 ballets. After that, she was also served as the principal of Kuchipudi Art Academy. Almost 1500 students were getting training from her in India and abroad. So, all her achievements tell how great she was. If you want to know more about the current affairs then keep in touch with us. We regularly update all the information here.


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