The Chinese Super League has come back with another match of the league. We all know that the league has introduced too many matches for the fans and maybe, audience love to watch these matches by staying inside their home. Now, the league is ready again to introduce one more match for you and that will be played between team Shanghai Shenhua (SHN) and team Wuhan Zall (WHN). The match will be played under the Chinese Super League 2021. The fans are too excited to watch this match as they have been watching all the matches of this league. Both teams are currently in Group B Club and it will be seen their 8th match of the league.

SHN vs WHN Live Score

SHN vs WHN Live Score

Well, we have already shared much information about the match but with all of this, some more information is important to know including match venue, time, date, league, lineups, match prediction, and many more things. To provide this information, we are here for you so you can get more information about the match.

So, the match will be played under the Chinese Super League at Kunshan Stadium (Kunshan). For Indian fans, the match will not be telecasted on any Indian platform but you can watch this match on another International site. To know more details, scroll down and get the match info.

SHN vs WHN: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Shanghai Shenhua (SHN) vs Wuhan Zall (WHN)
  • League:- Chinese Super League 2021
  • Venue:- Kunshan Stadium (Kunshan)
  • Date:- Wednesday, July 28, 2021
  • Time:- 06:00 PM IST

SHN vs WHN: Team Squad

Shanghai Shenhua (SHN):- C. Zeng, Zhen Ma, Shuai Li, Q. Xue, Yue Zhu, M. Jonjic, C. Zhu, X. Feng, J. Wen, A. Fulangxisi, J. Bai, M. Zhao, Yunqiu Li, Lu Zhang, D. Wang, L. He, H. Wang, A. N. Doumbou, S. Sun, B. Zhu, Sheng Qin, Xi Wu, Y. Cao, A. Mierzejewski, G. Moreno, X. Peng, H. Yu, C. Bassogog, S. Kim, Jinhao Bi, and Xu Yang.

Wuhan Zall (WHN):- C. Dong, J. Guo. Z. Wang, Xiang Gao, Y. Chen, Guoyu Lin, D. Carrico, J. Liao, Boyu Yang, Chao Li, Yang Li, H. Zhao, Tian Ming, Y. Tian, Xingqi Li, Yi Luo, S. Liu, Defu Song, Z. Liu, Hang Li, Kai Wang, C. Ye, J. Hao, H. Yao, J. Kouassi, Hao Fang, L. Baptistao, Z. Huang, Yun Liu, K. Xamixidin, Rafael Silva, A. Lopes, Y. Arquin, X. Dong, and J. Liu.

SHN vs WHN: Probable Lineups Player

Shanghai Shenhua (SHN):- Xi Wu, Giovanni Moreno, Matej Jonjic, Jiajun Bai, Mingjian Zhao, Hanchao Yu, Chenjie Zhu, Shuai Li, Yunding Cao, Jinhao Bi, and Adrian Mierzejewski.

Wuhan Zall (WHN):- Honglue Zhao, Leo Baptistao, Zhifeng Wang, Junjian Liao, Yinong Tian, Yun Liu, Yuhao Chen, Daniel Carrico, Boyu Yang, Hang Li, and Jean Kouassi.

SHN vs WHN: Match Prediction

The match is going to be started in just a few hours and everyone is eagerly waiting to watch this match on their screen because due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the audience is now allowed at the venue.

Along with this, everyone is waiting to know which team has more chances to win this match so, team SHN is standing in the 2nd position with 14 points in Group B. They have won 4 matches, faced 2 draws, and lost a single match out of 7 matches.

On the other side, team WHN is standing in the 7th position with 4 points, They did not win a single match out of 7 matches. Their performance was not good in the league and their rival team has more chances to win this match.


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