There is shocking news that appears in our knowledge that a person named Shinya Suzuki has been arrested. He is 25 years old and arrested by police after calling himself “the number one scout in Japan” and so on. As per the available information, they are collecting women from adult videos. Here is the complete information about this case and you will get all the details that you want to know about this.


The 25-year-old Shinya Suzuki was arrested because according to the police he was suspected of violating the employment security act. Here is a breach that he was introduced to women on Twitter whom he met at ab adult video office in August.

To confirm this breach police have investigated some information from him. During the investigation, he admitted that he did this for a lot of scout fees when he introduced him. He gathered women who appeared in AV. He admitted all the aligations that were identified by Police.

He is a 25 years old boy and currently, he is unemployed. Shinya Suzuki is living in Toshima-Ku, Tokyo. Now he is trending on the internet and people looking for his information that who is Shinya Suzuki. Police investing and other involved personas in this case. When the details are confirmed by us, we will add the information here.

Firstly the violation has been reported and identified on Twitter where he was introduced. As per the information he used a specific Twitter account for scouting and complete this work. Suzuki is known to have purchased a Twitter account with more than 60,000 followers for about 70,000 yen to trust women. It is a nationwide no.1 scout Kei.

Apart from Shinya Suzuki here is another name that is getting attention in this case. Shinya had known that he will appear in adult videos etc that’s why she introduced a woman to this entertainment agency. To know further updates stay with us and get all the information on this page.


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