Where Is Sherra Wright-Robinson, Ex-Wife of Lorenzen Wright?: It has been almost three years since the ex-wife of a retired NBA player named Lorenzen Wright pleaded guilty in the murder case of her ex-husband. You may be wondering why we are once again recalling her name and the murder case of Lorenzen Wright, we are here to make you informed about the parole hearing of Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife. Yes, she applied for the parole as she is serving a jail sentence for being responsible for killing her own husband who was a retired NBA player. Who is Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife or who killed Lorenzen Wright? This may be the most catering question among the readers. Let us tell you that, Lorenzen Wright was married to Sherr Wright who is now facing a first-degree count for Lorenzen Wright’s murder. What about Sherr Wright’s parole hearing? Further details and explanation has been given in the next sections. Kindly scroll down it. Follow UptoBrain.com For More Updates

Lorenzen Wright's

Who Is Sherra Wright-Robinson?

In 2010, a conspiracy was hatched by Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife Sherr Wright to assassinate him. Further, she was found guilty in 2019 of killing her own husband. In 2019, the court announced a 30 years jail sentence. While serving her prison tenure at Nashville Jail she pleaded for parole and she attended the hearing on May 11 for parole.

While pleading for parole Sherr Wright said that she behaved well in the post-release classes and she also supported the system to assist her when she was freed, on behalf of their mother her two children also pleaded and spoke. But a spokesperson for the board named Dustin Kruger stated in an email that the board has rejected her parole plea. The decision was made after 3 out of 7 board members showed thumbs down to grant her parole. It is saying that the gravity of Sherr Wright’s crime is too high. Read further details in the next section.

Deborah Marion is the mother of Lorenzen Wright and her mother is also one of those people who spoke against her parole and early release. Lorenzen Wright’s mother said her daughter should complete her tenure at the Nashville Jail for 30 years. The presiding of the parole hearing was carried out by the board member Barett Ritchie who recommended that the jury reject the parole and the next hearing in her parole plea will take place in May 2027. That’s all for now on Sherr Wright’s parole plea. Stay tuned to this page for more details.


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