The fantastic and enthusiastic league of the year, the Chinese Super League is coming back with one more exciting match of the year. The league has been organizing back-to-back matches this year and fans are going more excited for the upcoming match of today that will be held in just a few hours.

SHD vs CNGZ Live Score

Many fans are excited to watch the match that will be played between team Shandong Taishan (SHD) and team Cangzhou Mighty Lions (CNGZ). Many fans have been waiting to watch the exciting match of the day as the team has come back after too long days. Now, the day has come for them and they can watch the

Now, the watchers are searching for the important details of the match like its date, time, venue, league, lineups player, and many more things, You can get each and every news here because we always provide you such details so, you can get every important news in a single article.

So, today’s match will be held under the Chinese Super League at Luneng Big Stadium (Jinan). Much more information will be available below but you need to scroll down the page to check all the necessary details here.

SHD vs CNGZ: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Shandong Taishan (SHD) vs Cangzhou Mighty Lions (CNGZ)
  • Venue:- Luneng Big Stadium (Jinan)
  • League:- Chinese Super League
  • Date:- Wednesday, August 11, 2021
  • Time:- 05:30 PM IST

SHD vs CNGZ: Team Squad

Shandong Taishan (SHD):- Zhang Chi. Son Jun-Ho, Xu Xin, Shi Ke, Wang Dalei, Zheng Zheng, Liu Binbin, Duan Liuyu, Qi Tianyu, Tian Xin, Wang Tong, Wu Xinghan, Jadson, Guo Tianyu, Jin Jingdao, M. Fellaini, Pedro Delgado, Ji Xiang, Song Long, Liu Yang, and Han Rongze.

Cangzhou Mighty Lions (CNGZ):- Yan Zihao, Shao Puliang, Liu Yang, Zheng Kaimu, Muriqui, Zang Yifeng, Piao Shihao, Yang Yun, O. Maritu, Bughrahan Skandar, Zhang Zhenqiang, Liao Chengjian, O. Akhmedov, Zhao Xuebin. S. Sunzu,  Sabit Abdusalam, Yang Yiming, Liu Xinyu, Zheng Zhiyun, Lin Chuangyi, Zhang Xiangshuo, A. Senghor,  Chen Zhongliu, Guo Hao, Abduhamit Abdugheni, and Xie Pengfei.

SHD vs CNGZ: Probable Lineups Player

Shandong Taishan (SHD):- Xu Xin, Jadson, Qi Tianyu, Song Long, Wang Dalei, Wu Xinghan, M. Fellaini, Pedro Delgado, Son Jun-Ho, Duan Liuyu, and Guo Tianyu,

Cangzhou Mighty Lions (CNGZ):- A. Senghor, Muriqui, S. Sunzu, Yan Zihao, Shao Puliang, Zheng Zhiyun, Zheng Kaimu, Xie Pengfei, Zang Yifeng, Liu Yang, and Abduhamit Abdugheni.

SHD vs CNGZ: Match Prediction

Now, the fans are waiting to watch the match prediction and which team has more chances to win this match. Now, let’s see whose team has more possibility to win the upcoming match. So, team SHD is standing on the 1st position with 30 points in their hand. They have played a total of 13 matches where they won 13 matches and lost just a single match.

On the other side, team CNGZ is holding the 7th position with 10 points. They have also played 13 matches where they won just 2 times and lost 7 times. In the last five matches, the team has not played well and won just a single match. While, the rival teams have won 4 matches out of the last 5 matches and we can say that team SHD has better chances to win this match.


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