The Episode begins with Shaurya as he says to Devi that he very well knows that Anokhi cam here and touches him. Devi says to him that he was into his senses at that time and whom he is talking about was Shagun. Shaurya refuses and it is not possible that she doesn’t come to him after knowing about his accident. He asks if someone informed her about him. Devy tells him that Kanchan informed her about him. She says she stopped her to come in.

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani

Devi says to him that he need rest as his condition is not well yet. After that, Alok and Tej also ask him to do the same but he didn’t listen to anyone. Shaurya asks them why they are in Goa. Alok gets confused and takes him to the room. In the next scene, Kanchan awakes and asks her the reason that why he got drunk. She says to him that from when he started noticing her. She asks him to stay quiet like always and moves from there angrily. Shaan tells Aastha that Shaurya has come to her senses.

On the other hand, Shagun questions Devi about her lie to Shaurya. She tries to explain herself. Shagun says to her that she did wrong. Anokhi comes to meet Aastha and she tells her that Shaurya has come to her senses. She says to her that she wants to meet him, Aastha asks her will she not come with her. She reminisces Shagun’s talk and asks Aastha about the reason behind the broken engagement of Shagun and Shaurya. Shagun asks Devi if Shaurya gets to know the truth then what will she do. She decides to tell the truth of her deeds.

Aastha asks Anokhi that what did she say to her. She advises her to not believe anyone’s words, just believe in her love. Anokhi says to her that she agrees with her but never wants to lose her identity for him. She says to her that Shaurya never respects anyone. She adds that if she wants to get married to anyone who forces her to leave her dreams and career. Anokhi tells that she has faced this problem earlier at her house and never wants to spend her life with him whose thinking is downward. Aastha asks her to change him. Shaurya remembering the moments which he shared with Anokhi. Watch the full episode of “Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani” on Star Plus at 7 PM. Stick with us for more updates.


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