The Episode starts with Anokhi and Vineet. Vineet says to her that you are the fugitive bride. You are my sister in law that’s why you are still living in our house. You are a thief as you stole bangles. Anokhi says that Babli has given her these bangles she didn’t steel. Anokhi requests Shaurya not to believe Vineet.  Shaurya returns her admission form and says that you have stolen my watches well. He says that I will not permit you here. She says that there must be a misunderstanding. Shaan enters the room and asks Shaurya about the matter. Shaurya says that he will handle it on his own.

Shaurya aur Anokhi ki Kahani

Anokhi tells everything to Shaan and Alok. Babli’s mother-in-law scolds her why Anokhi took those bangles from the jeweler.? She says that you should have to sell your clothes instead. Babli says that I have given her bangles of my mother. Babali’s mother in law says that everything that you brought from your parents hours is ours now. Babli calls Rama and asked her if she has talked to Anokhi. Rama says I haven’t talk yet. Babli tells her that Vineet has declared her thief, everyone thinks that she has stolen those bangles. Alok asks Anokhi how will you pay your admission fees. She says I need some time.

Alok alerts her that you have less time left. Shaan says that we have some protocols that we can’t break for you. Vineet again accuses Anokhi by calling her thief. Shaan scolds Vineet and asks him to leave the cabin. Vineet doesn’t listen to him and again asks Anokhi that how will you pay your fee? Shaurya shouts that this is not your home if you want to argue then leave my cabin. He says Anokhi that we have given you enough time, but you didn’t take this admission seriously.

You failed to deposit your fee. Shaan says if she will deposit the certificates on time then I will pay the fee. Shaurya says that Dad you will not support the girl just for a reason that she is Aastha’s student. Shaan says that she is qualified and deserves admission to this institute. Vineet says that I warn you all not to give her admission otherwise you will regret later. Anokhi says that you all are talking about rules, but Vineet is not having any proof that I have stolen the bangles. She says If you don’t believe me then I will not submit my documents.

She says that she can’t tolerate this insult. Aastha reaches Anokhi’s college and sees that she is crying. She says that I brought your TC. Anokhi tells her how they blamed her that she is a thief and have stolen bangles to take admission. Aastha says that she will fix everything. Shaan says that you all made a silly excuse to not let her take admission in this institute. He says that he will not let anything wrong happen to Anokhi. Shaan got shocked to see Aastha. Stay connected to know more about this episode.


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