Recently, a piece of shocking news has been hitting the TV screens in which people mourning the death of Senior actor Shankar Rao. The actor has portrayed various roles on the small and silver screens. Unfortunately, the famous actor has passed away in Bengaluru. The death news has actually stunned many people all around the country.

Veteran Actor Shankar Rao Passed Away

The television industry and Sandalwood expressed their grief after hearing this saddening news. Many people are very upset to hear this heartbreaking news as no one expects that he left everyone so soon.

Shankar Rao Death Reason

Talking about his career, he is best known for his comic roles. He portrayed Boss Balaraju in the comedy serial Papa Pandu that give him huge success and popularity. His role become widely prominent among people of all ages and everyone appreciated him for such a brilliant performance.

The main reason behind the success of the TV serial was his comic timing and mannerisms. Just because of this, the serial hit the top position on the TRP chart. Not only this, but he also worked in several movies and make his name very big in the industry.

He acted in various films in which Dhruva is also included. In this movie, he played the role of lecturer and he portrayed similar kinds of roles in Appu as well. The movie becomes the debut film of Puneeth Rajkumar in Sandalwood. Along with it, Rao also leaves his outstanding performance in his roles in Sidlingu and Milana.

Shalini Satyanarayan Mourns Death Of Shankar Rao

Now, he was actually a very genuine and versatile actor who worked in several movies and portray various comic roles. Recently, admirers have lost several legendary actors and mourn several demises of some brilliant actors.

Now, it will be actually very difficult to forget him as he worked in several films. His roles are actually appreciable and millions of people loving his outstanding work. Currently, many people took to social media to pay rich and emotional tribute to the legendary actor.

Not only common people but some reputed stars were also devastated to hear about this tragic loss. After hearing this saddened truth, we are also upset and shocked. Our deepest condolences to the family of Senior actor Shankar Rao and we pray for his resting soul.


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