Shakti the most popular show has some interesting twists in the show and will serve some extremely unexpected incidents. Soumya becomes Guru Maa and then Heer congrats her for the position. After this moment Virat asked them to celebrate for the moment and make it a memorable moment. Heer and Soumya start dancing. Then Virat and Harman also start dancing. Here is the complete information about the upcoming incidents of the serial and what going to happen next in the episode. Let’s unveil all the details here.


In this episode, we will see after the celebration Heer come back home and is shocked after hearing that Parmeet is faking her illness. Heer going to share the truth with Virat. The situation becomes terrible when She shared the truth with Virat. Parmeet tells the doctor that he feels good now and gets improvement in his health condition. He took glucose tablets and it gets energy from them. Parmeet appreciates the plan with Angel that helps to separate Heer from Virat was good but Soumya spoiled everything.

Heer came into her room and starts crying. After few minutes Virat sees Heer crying. He caught her tear on her palm. He told her that her tears are huge worthy. Virat trying to make her feel better and solve her problem. He told her that cry is not the solution to anything and he is always there to help her. She getting feel better when Virat hugs her for a moment.

Virat wants to know about her problem and the reason behind her crying but Heer doesn’t speak anything. She doesn’t share any reason behind her cry. After that, he stands outside the room and thinking why she can’t feel safe with him and share her thought with him. He tells her that she must be misunderstood. Payment has been accepted. She says she wishes it was false, but it’s not. Later Heer told everything to Virat but takes promises that he will not do anything and doesn’t tell the whole thing to anyone. They will find some solution for this problem.


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